Behind “You Gave Me Love” Part 1

This is the first post of “Behind You Gave Me Love“. I will be giving you the inside scoop on the writing, recording and all creative processes on the whole project song by song. This album was completed with the help of so many friends and peers but the one person I absolutely could NOT have finished the project without was Julia Gardner. Julia was my co-engineer/producer for every song on the album.

The album as a whole was a huge project to tackle. I started the tracking process in late august and finished the entire project on December 7th at precisely 2:30 pm. The last two weeks before the album was released on December 9th, I participated in overnights which were from 11pm until 7am. Usually I wouldn’t make it past 6am but these overnights were essential to finishing this project. I did about a total of 10 overnights, the first 4 were dedicated for finishing tracking, vocals mostly. The next 4 were for mixing, this was the hardest portion for me to wrap my head around. And the last 2 were for mastering, I honestly don’t remember much from those nights because the delirium was really setting in at that point.

I put every ounce of soul I have into this project and I hope you can see that. More posts will be coming soon for “Behind You Gave Me Love”. You can find You Gave Me Love online and as CDs, check out the merch tab for where you can find it.

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