Sydney's Story

Sydney Schizzano is a 21 year old artist from Long Island, NY and is studying at the College of Saint Rose. She is a Senior in the Music Industry program with a concentration in Voice. Sydney is signed as an artist to Rose Record Label Group, the student run record label on  campus. Sydney has been singing since she was 8 years old with her cousin and sister, and has since grown to become a solo vocalist and songwriter. Sydney has been writing her own music since high school pulling inspiration from her own experiences growing up and other stories she's heard along the way. Sydney now writes based on things happening around the world and her relationship with other people. Her songwriting style first began in the singer/songwriter genre, which still reigns true today, however her arrangements are what give her songs an R&B flare. This is referring to the organ and rhythmic drum patterns found in most of her songs. Sydney also likes to experiment with the style of rap and spoken word. Her EP "Felt", containing all original material, was released on February 10th, 2017. "Felt" has 5 tracks showcasing the influences of different genres all while sounding as a cohesive project.

Sydney's Bio

Sydney takes acoustic pop and cleverly blends it with Rap and R&B. She is influenced by artists such as Chance the Rapper, Tori Kelly, and Ed Sheeran. Although you may think she sounds like these artists, her writing style makes her unique. She will write rap tune with punchy lyrics and a catchy hook. Then will turn around and write a slower acoustic song that will make your heart melt. You can find her new single “Felt” on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. Sydney's EP also titled "Felt" is available as a hard copy and will be online soon. Sydney's goals for her EP is getting radio play and selling and streaming her music as much as possible. She is also excited to book future gigs. Sydney can easily capture any crowd, having played numerous gigs in the Albany and Long Island areas. If you can catch Sydney at a show, you will not be disappointed.

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